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Profile Manager

Post by syntax » Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:53 pm

This is probably my most useful tool to the masses out there. I wrote this to help manage printers on computers with multiple users and also to help clean up profiles.
  • The first page is the target page where you can either target the local machine, a remote machine, or a range of computers. The section at the bottom right about using the "delprof" utility I'll get to later.
  • The second tab is for network printers. It will copy all of your printer settings to every other profile on the computer. I wrote thie because there is no way to globally add a network printer (except through printui.dll which has it's own nuances).
  • The third tab is for cleaning up profiles. There are three methods of deleting the profiles and some work better than others depending on the situation.
    • "Delete All Profiles" -- This button uses a "dig" method where it will dig inside the subfolders as deep into the structure as it can get and delete the files and work its way back. This works usually when the "Delete Checked" fails for whatever reason (too many files or long files names usually).
    • "Delete Checked" -- This button just executes a delete command on the "c:\documents and settings\XXXX" profile folder. This method is usually the quickest but can only be used on a single machine.
    • The third method is back on the targets page and is used for cleaning up profiles on multiple machines using the "delprof" utility (included in the download). The delprof utility cleans up profiles on machines based on how long it's been since the profile has been used. The first setting of "# PCs per" is how many machines you want to execute per shot. The "# Days" setting is the minimum age since the profile was last used.

      ...When you click "start deleting" it will start deleting the profiles that are "x # days" old on the first "y # of PCs" in the range that you specified. Clicking "next set" will start deleting on profiles on the next computers in your range.
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